About Wet & Dry

Wet and Dry Personal Care Pvt. Ltd.

A young and dynamic company focusing on health and wellbeing of people. The company is born out of passion to create unique products and solutions for the evolving needs and desires of modern consumers

W&D focuses upon the newer trends & lifestyles which are being demonstrated by the new generation.  In today’s fast moving world, the present is obsolete enough to compel people to demand for more and newer  solutions for their existing and emerging aspirations.

W&D researches about these emerging needs and desires emerging out of the changed lifestyle of current and future generation and develop solutions so that people enjoy their self at best.

The core of the organization works hard to offer solutions to its customer which  are based upon below philosophy:

Expert Guided

People Orinted

Consumer Focused

Ethically Driven


Process Driven

W&D Philosophy


W&D wishes to become the most trusted company offering solutions for the need of rejuvenation, vitality and efficiency arising due to the changed lifestyle of individuals


Enriching the life of individuals

Creating positive impact on life

Empowering people to live better

Investor Relations

Grow with Us

The purpose of our business is to create value for customers, employees, society and investors. We understand that the interests of above four groups are deeply inter-linked, and the sustainable value can not be created for one group unless it is created for all of them. This cannot be achieved unless the right team is selected, developed and rewarded, and unless investors receive consistently attractive returns.
We are certain of our chosen business areas which have huge potential of business growth as the operation progresses and therefore we are confident of delivering great returns to our investors in long term. W&D believes in long term partnership and aspires to collaborate with investors who bring value to the overall business with their expertise and experiences along with financial support.

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