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W&D core strength is to differentiate from others in all possible ways and that is what motivates company to cut out the noise and listen to the slightest of whispers from the market. By virtue of that, company entered into the business of “Feminine Intimate Hygiene” category in India which was just limited to sanitary napkin. With its innovative approach and unique product portfolio in feminine intimate hygiene category, W&D  acquires a leading position with the largest portfolio in feminine intimate hygiene category.

After successfully expanding feminine intimate hygiene category, W&D entered into the highly cluttered category of personal care products with the approach of “Herbal Cosmetics“.  W&D enjoys a wider range of products under the category of Herbal Cosmetics. Today company enjoys strong and wide base of global consumers who swear by the quality and efficacy of the products by W&D. Our products are traded, exported and distributed in more than 50 countries through various channels which includes offline and online platforms.


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NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor
Nature Sure


Our Product Portfolio

W&D is the pioneer of complete feminine intimate hygiene concept in India. We envision to be world’s no.1 company in complete feminine intimate hygiene category with best quality products as needed by females to maintain their complete intimate hygiene. W&D Offers 100% natural products which are highly effective and safe to use without any worry of side effects.

Business Category W&D operates into

Feminine Intimate Hygiene
Herbal Cosmetics
everteen vaginal tightening gel

Everteen Vaginal Tightening Gel


Everteen is a unique gel extracted from pure and natural ingredients which helps in moisturizing, tightening and revitalizing vaginal tissues. The scientifically designed formula of Everteen helps in vaginal tightening by restoring the elasticity of vaginal muscles. The regular use of Everteen  gel facilitates in increased blood flow into vaginal muscles resulting in improved vaginal moisture and tightening.


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Everteen Natural Intimate Wash


Everteen Natural Intimate Wash is scientifically designed to promote body’s natural vaginal balance and helps maintain complete vaginal hygiene. Everteen Natural Intimate Wash is formulated with 100% natural active ingredients so that you receive the safest and most effective wash for your vagina.


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everteen natural intimate wash

feminine wipes

Everteen Natural Intimate Hygiene Wipes


everteen natural intimate hygiene wipes are India’s first hygiene wipes made of 100% natural & biodegradable fabric to give you ULTRA-SOFT feel on your most sensitive area. For the first time ever, everteen natural intimate hygiene wipes are wrapped individually for your convenience so you do not carry those bulky packs with you. Now carry two or three or as many in your hand bag as you need for a day


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ManSure- Helps in increasing sperm count naturally

ManSure- increase sperm count naturally

 ManSure helps in increasing sperm count and sperm motility naturally. ManSure contains natural ingredients and plant extracts which are medically proven to increase sperm count, sperm quality and sperm motility. The ingredients in ManSure promote healthy testosterone production and helps enhance male fertility. ManSure acts as a natural aphrodisiac wherein the ingredients in ManSure help boost endurance of sperm and promote sperm production.

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NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor

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