Enriching Life of Individuals

Creating Positive Impact On Life

Empowering People To Live Better

Enriching Dreams of People

Enriching Dreams Of People

W&D believes in people, their decisions & choices about their life and understands that nothing is vague and absurd as far as it is dreamt and thought by an individual for making his life more convenient, enjoyable, healthy and fulfilling.

W&D respects people and their dreams of living life at fullest and we want them to ask for more & more from the life so that they achieve maximum out of their self without settling down with what they are offered and told at present.

Products for Generation

Products for Generations

W&D believes that mankind has enormous potential which can be achieved through optimum functionality of their self and we wish to be part of their journey of achieving best of their self by offering ethical, relevant, rational and scientific solutions as required by them to raise their bar.

Keeping innovation at center, W&D, with the support of its strong research team, develops products which can help improving the quality of life of people.

Creating Shared Value

Creating Shared Value is the genesis behind the formation of W&D and our efforts are focused in creating values for society by addressing its needs and challenges. As a responsible organization with the consideration of social and environmental aspects of business, W&D relates its success and journey to the social progress.

With the profit maximization and well-being of our customer, W&D believes in creating values for all its partners, investors, stakeholders and associates.


W&D has been featured by Nicholas Hall’s & Company, the world’s largest & most reputed OTC research company, as the most promising company of India in OTC Asia-Pacific Insight



Backed by over 50 years of cumulative experience of a highly qualified and professional team specializing in healthcare, research, beauty, fitness, wellness, retail, business management and communications.


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